There is basic configuration required to get the project up-and-running in a testing environment as part of a full-chain-test.

Settings from environment

Review the Settings to see available settings.


The IS_HTTPS environment variable is a common pitfall. Set it to a falsy value in case you’re not on HTTPS (yet). The default settings assume best practices, with HTTPS enabled.

Configuration in the admin

Create superuser

The admin is available on Ensure you have a superuser created before.

On the command line:

python src/ createsuperuser


Make sure to configure the ‘Sites’ and set up the correct domain. If you forget this, internal URLs will be generated with the domain, leading to errors when integrating with other APIs.


Configure ‘Jwt secrets’: these are the Client IDs and their shared secret that you allow to access the API. The secret is used to protect against tampering with authorisation tokens.

Configure ‘API credentials’: these are YOUR credentials to communicate with external APIs. If you’re using for your ZRC, fill in that URL as ‘Api root’, and complete by filling in your client ID and Secret as agreed with the external API.